From:Jerry Sexton Electronic:gsexton -A-
Subject:Very Honorable Man Date:Thu Mar 30 09:07:24 2006
This doesn't have to do with Hummers,although I do have a
'54 ST165.
A few years ago, not really sure, 2 or 3 anyway.I sent a fork panel for a '51FL to Mutt to repair. Made a deal to
trade the work for some light weight parts gathering dust in my garage.Some time went by and he emailed me saying he was having trouble making it look like he wanted, also that he was scheduled to travel or his field party was about to take place. Anyway it would be awhile before he could get back on it and would that be O.K. Time went by and I mounted a reproduction on the '51 and pretty much forgot about it. Yesterday mail arrived and with it my repaired panel and a perfect OEM panel.I wasn't complaining to him and he could have easily done nothing.
Just want people that may be considering Mutt for some work
that you are dealing wih a man of considerable character.
Thanks Mutt.
Jerry Sexton