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Dixon 2011

Duane Taylor Dean Hummer John Dutra Otto Gene Underwood Mutt Hallam

Gene Underwood and John Dutra brought the Hummer Club Tent to the Dixon AMCA meet for the first time ever, and it was a rousing success!

Gene spent most of his time chatting with people, and diverting any questions requiring mechanical know-how to Duane Taylor, Dean Hummer, and Mutt Hallam. John spent a little less time talking  and a lot more time keeping the display together, and serving up Sloppy Joes, pickles, and potato chips. The weather was hot and humid, and the FREE water went fast, although the beer flowed more slowly. Our tent had lots of visitors.

Gene and John set up a display of six bikes: 1951 Model 125, 1961 Super 10, 1962 Pacer, 1963 Scat, 1965 Scat, and a 1959 Hummer, which was a "working display" - they were building the bike at the show.

We will be back next year – though I don’t know how we can improve on the great experience we had this year!

Club Elders & Family
Dean and Priscilla Hummer
Duane and Janet Taylor
"Mutt" Hallam
Keith Hummer Dean's son
Dan and Sheila Derby Dean's daughter and son-in-law
Kim Dean's daughter
Club Members
Gene Waller Salem, OR
Eric Shields Seattle, WA
Jessica White Sacramento, CA
Pete Klein Sacramento, CA
Club Members
Dave Kafton races old dinosaurs at Davenport
Otto DKW Factory Worker, 1940s Germany
Ted Staub Petaluma, CA – black 1964 Pacer
Danella Kafftan-Parker 1949 Hummer – field games winner
Rich Singer Antioch, CA – 1949 Hummer
North E. West SF Bay Area – 1950s Hummer
Kitty & Aaron Grass Valley, CA
Charlene Phoenix, AZ
Jaylin Brentwood, CA
Wally & Jacob Rocklin, CA
Jeff Coffman Jeff's American Classics, Salem Oregon
Plus many others whose names we didn't catch

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