The Harley Hummer Club

This is a virtual motorcycle club and requires no membership or dues.

We foster the preservation and restoration of the American-made Harley-Davidson lightweight motorcycle.

Welcome to the Harley Hummer Club, your source for information about the 1948-1966 American-made lightweights.   If you're new to Hummers, start with the History section, then click all the links above for a wealth of historical information.

The Hummer Exchange provides a forum to ask questions, trade parts and information, and get to know other Hummer owners. As you move around the site, please click on all the pictures - most of them will expand to larger pictures.   We hope you enjoy your visit!

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Recent Happenings on the Web Site
When? What? Where?
January 2009 Service Shop Dope How-To-Restore: Chapter 9
August 2007 The Pohlman Photos - the most important contribution to the Club ever!
Jerry Hatfield's collection of original advertising photos
How-To-Restore: Pohlman

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