From:Chris sickels Electronic:Chris -A-
Subject:RE: I rode my Hummer today - Who Else? Date:Sun May 8 21:17:44 2011
Response to:15801
Sounds nice Dave.
My 65 pacer is a young one compared to yours and dr pepper's, but I had
a nice 30 mile jaunt on the curvy back roads of the Hoosier state. Not
much traffic and no one gave me the bird, although I was hit in the
shoulder by goose sh!t, but that didn't keep me from smiling as I was
having a nice ride while the sun set over the soggy horizon.
Life is good.
It's a beautiful spring day here in Virginia. I got tired of doing yardwork, so
I took my 1955 Hummer for a spin. I didn't go too far - maybe three miles
- but it's always a thrill to be riding around on 56-year-old motorcycle.

Who else rode today?