From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: Tele-Glide Date:Thu May 12 09:30:02 2011
Response to:15819

If I remember the AMCA rules correctly, "totally wrong paint color" is a 6-point deduction. Senior award requires 95 points, so this prevents the bike from getting a Senior award even if everything else is 100% correct.

From the factory documentation we have, there is no tank panel on the 1955 ST. Would a non-standard birch white tank panel be considered "totally wrong"? I think so. Then the Tele-Glide lettering becomes moot. Other judges might see things differently.

Paint - "original" or "custom" - is a personal decision. If you choose "original", it should be a documented original color/scheme - just like it came out of the factory. If you choose "custom", the sky's the limit.


Current List of Colors

I am about to paint my 55 165 ST fenders, tank, and fork
panel. I am doing the red with white panel on the tank. Was
thinking of painting the raised TELE-GLIDE letters on the fork
panel the birtch white also. Any thoughts? No plans to ever
be judged on this bike, but if I was would I be subtracted
points if I did something like this?