From:Dana Wassum Electronic:colawnguy -A-
Subject:RE: RE: Helpful Friend Date:Fri May 20 01:48:58 2011
Response to:15852
Gene: Maybe we need to have a contest to determine who
actually IS the "Biggest non-mechanical rookie" on Hummer
Club. I am so mechanically inept that I didn't even ATTEMPT
to restore my 56B hummer by myself! After talking with
Bruce Mackenzie about my project bike, I quickly figured out
that it was WAY beyond my limits of time, patience, and
certainly beyond my mechanical ability! I had shipped the
bike over 1500 miles from PA to Colorado in 2008. It sat
here in pieces for over a year before I decided to do
"something" with it. Then, I packed the bike up and shipped
it the 1000 miles back to Dekalb for Bruce to do the total
restoration! When the bike was complete in 2009, Bruce
arranged to have the bike brought back to Colorado with a
buddy of his after the Davenport meet. As for the "Biggest
non-mechanical rookie" title - I think you've got some
pretty good competition!

Im sorry my friend but I already own the title of biggest
non mechanical rookie on here. just ask anyone!
I have got loads of advice from several....Mutt, Dave,
Duane, Bruce, John;...the list goes on and on! these people
love their hummers and they are always willing to share
their knowledge.
Nevertheless... DO Not, I repeat DO NOT try to take my
rookie title away from me.


I wanted to raise your attention to a very good person who
is on here. His name is Bruce McKenzie. I bought a 1951,
125 from a guy in Missouri eight months ago. I am literally
the biggest rookie known to man with any sort of restoration
and I bought a piece of junk. My extent of motorcycle
knowledge was owning a 1982 Honda Nighthawk in college. I
guess a midlife crisis kicked in, too many motorcycle shows
on tv got me thinking I could do this. Since I am from
Illinois I found Bruce on this exchange and contacted him.
He immediately was the nicest person and told me to pack up
my truck and bring everything to him. I met him in his
garage in DeKalb, Illinois and it was like we were old
friends. He immediately went through everything and the
help began. He was honest with me and I with him. I told
Bruce I wanted to learn to put this thing together on my
own. He has been a mentor all the way through and has taught
me a tremendous amount in the past eight months. I am now
in possession of all my parts and am beginning to put
together a 1961, 165. I will post pics as I try to be
successful. If anything, I wanted to draw attention to
Bruce. Use his services, give him a call. He is a great
person that would help anyone. Thanks Bruce. I appreciate