From:DUANE TAYLOR Electronic:duane -A-
Subject:RE: 1949 Rear Fender Holes Date:Sat May 21 11:34:33 2011
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The holes not being there means I had a bad day when they were made. Correct measurements are:
Hole for tail light wire is 1 1/4 in above the top two tail light bolt holes. The wire hole should be 3/8 in. for a grommet. This hole is on the fender centline.

The tail light wire hole in front, right side is on the slant segment where the width of the fender is reduced. It is 3/8 also.

Any other problems, please let me know because I can't fix if I don't get feedback.
Duane Taylor

I'm trying to put a '49 S together using one of Duane's rear fenders but it came with only the 3 tail light mounting holes. Could somebody please give me a measurement to correctly locate the hole for the tail light wire? I also need the hole location for the front of the rear fender where the wire harness comes out. I am guessing that the '49 did not have the two terminals installed in the fender itself. A picture of the fender area and wiring behind the horn would be great too! Duane? Anybody?
Thanks! Mike