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Subject:RE: RE: Hummer won't start Date:Tue May 24 19:01:00 2011
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Marty - any luck?

Kinda off-topic, but adding to the knowledge base...

Magneto Story #1

We had a week of rain every day here, and my Farmall Cub wouldn't start. This tractor always starts! No spark at the plugs. Weak spark from the coil wire to the engine block. Tried again - NO spark from the coil wire to the engine block.

Removed and disassembled the magneto. The magneto's points had a kind of a glop over them. Not rust. Light filing with a fine file cleaned them up, and it started like a champ. More power than before too! I just ordered a new set, and condenser too.

Magneto Story #2

Gravely two-wheeled walk-behind tractor. Kept getting harder and harder to start. Finally wouldn't. Filed and cleaned up the points. No help. Finally broke down and ordered new points and condenser ($35 - ouch). Started immediately. It starts on about 1/2 revolution every time.

Magneto Story #3

1960 Super 10 BTU engine. Had to file the points EVERY time I tried to start it. Visually, the points looked OK, but apparently the metal had transmogrified. Finally broke down and got new points. Started fine then.

The Moral of these Magneto Stories?

Points and condensers for this old machinery are expensive - but don't be cheap! Replace them at least every 20 years.


So many things... You've started along the right path. Do you have any Idea what isn't working? check to see: if battery has charge, does the on switch connect power to the coil, Do you have spark, is the fuel getting to the cylinder, carb,...

fix what failures you find, Diagnosis - repair

Oh ya this refers to S & ST models only. Which bike do you have?

I have an S model & would replace plug & fuel first also, Other stuff would be after I found something not doing what it was supposed to.

Contact the seller the problem may be a recurring one.


Please help. Hummer won't start. I replaced spark plug, carb float and drained old gas and refilled. I just bought the bike. Seller delivered in rain and I didn't get a chance to ride it. Any suggestions? Thanks.