From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: Crash Bars Date:Fri May 27 13:26:08 2011
Response to:15896
Hi Timber, Those treasures at Eustis belonged to Boone,He has allot of different stuff and might be able to help you along. He has no computer so if you E-Mail me a list of things I'll pass it to him.Here is his phone number and he is waiting for your call,,352-461-7422 Pepper

I was looking at the pics of Eustis 2011 and noticed the rack of parts in one of the pics that displayed some crash bars, along with a couple seat pans and such. Who has these items and how rediculously priced are they? I am trying to get my two '58 lightweights together and still collecting some parts. Progress is slow, since money seems to go quicker than my time does. I also have some parts from a '54 that I have acquired, but no title to go with the motor. I was able to get a new title for one of my '58s from the State of Wisconsin, and it didn't cost me an arm and leg and the hassle wasn't as big a deal as some people told me it would. Anyway, happy Humming! -Timber