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Subject:RE: PICTURES - I RODE MY HUMMER ON MEMORIAL DAY Date:Mon May 30 20:50:26 2011
Response to:15906
Well, I didn't take no pictures, but I did get out and ride with a friend that stopped by on his Sportster. Took my 61 Super 18 to the festivities (which we had on Saturday) Rode out in the day time and had planned to leave with enough time ot get back home before dark. Well, that didn't happen, so I whooped out the super bright Cree penlight that I am never without, to use as a headlamp(cause my flat tracker didn't have the green lens'd headlight attatched on it that day) as it was REALLY dark, with no moon shining. Held the little light in my teeth, got about 1 miles down an old dirt road and hit a pothole and dropped the light !!! Of course when it hit the dirt road, it went out, so there was little chance of finding it in the dark !!! But the Army taught me well. So I slowed down to about 20 mph and used the centerline of the trees that were on both sides of the road as a reference point and made it back home in about 20 minutes !!! Had a blast. Got up at day light the next day and went and retrieved the light. Light works fine .


Memorial Day 2011