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Subject:RE: Model 125/165 Horn question Date:Sun Jun 12 20:57:38 2011
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Dave, I don't know if I'm an expert but I may have stumbled onto one of the big differences between the early and the late horns. The early 2-leaf horns were Delco-Remy-16s, same as all the rest of the springer fork Harleys from 1931 until they quit making them. The Delco-16 came with several different types of mounting bracket pressed under the big rivet and washer, the VLs & RLs had now bracket under the rivet, the Knucks and early Pans had one long heavy bracket, and the lightweights had the "half-bracket, 2-leaf". All the 4-leaf lightweight horns that I have are NOT Delco-Remy-16, they are stamped "TYPE M" on the rivet washer. Perry Ruiter should jump in here and give us some of his experience. Here's a pic of a 2-leaf Delco-16, I'll post another message with a pic of the Type M and a little more info.

Any horn experts out there?

There are 3 different Model 125/165 horns

Horn #1: 69002-47 - used from 1948 until 1949 or 1950
The 1949 Spare Parts Catalog shows this one

Horn #2: 69002-47A - used from 1950 or 1951 until 1956
The 1951 Spare Parts Catalog shows this one

Horn #3: 69002-47B - used from 1957 until 1959
The Enthusiast 1957 new model announcement (Sept 1956) states that the laminations [on the mounting tangs] increased from two to four.

Question: What's the difference between horn #1 and horn #2. I don't see any differences in the constituent parts in the catalogs.

Question: Does anyone have a 1950 Spare Parts Catalog? Which horn does it show?