From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: 55 hummer Date:Mon Jun 13 23:16:27 2011
Response to:15959

I agree with Doug - if it idles fine with the air filter on, then the carb's adjusted correctly.

But it surprises me that the air filter makes the difference between idling smoothly and not idling at all. Perhaps the air filter is clogged up?

The Service Manual recommends cleaning the metal mesh air filter with solvent every 1000 miles. However, if you've got a 1960's paper-type air filter, you can't clean it - it should be replaced.

After you've cleaned the air filter, here's the carb adjustment procedure - which should be done with the air filter on and the bike warmed up.


Working on my 55b and had the air cleaner off and the engine would not idle. The motor ran fine at higher speeds.
Put the air cleaner back on and idled fine. Is this common or do I have the carb out of adjustment?