From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: lights not working on 62 pacer/165 Date:Thu Jun 16 21:14:57 2011
Response to:15969

The little gremlins in that bowl-shaped thing at the front of your bike may have run out of matches. Better check.

The magento produces lectrikity only when the engine is running - and produces more when the engine is revved up than at idle. So you'll need to test things with the engine running.

Go over to How To Restore, Chapter 66, and click on the PDF file for the Super 10, Pacer, Scat. Print this out for easy reference.

The lighting wire (red) from the magneto first goes to the horn - one of the horn terminals has two red wires.

So - first question - does the horn work?


still cant figure out why the lights stopped working ..they were working before.not that bright.not sure how brite the lights on a 2 stroke with no battery should be ? what do the lights run on ? any info appreciated..