Subject:RE: What tickd you off today Date:Wed Jun 29 14:29:15 2011
Response to:16046
Mutt, J&M does that to everybody, I get the same thing for stuff they send me to Arkansas, Ohio sales tax & top dollar shipping. I don't like it either but sometimes they are the only ones that have the stuff you need. I just tell myself that hey, he's also a Harley Dealership so you get just what you'ld expect; the "full treatment"! Mike
This is how one of our vendors treats his customers. I ordered some parts, paid with plastic. Got the parts today and the reciept. I was STUNNED that he charged me $14 shipping to mail a padded envelope that weighed 5.2 OUNCES and on top of that, had the gall to charge $3.50 SALES TAX to an out of state buyer (which is illegal if you don't have a business in that state.) Add 50 for a small padded envelope and $2 to ship it FIRST CLASS MAIL, that's 600% markup on shipping.