From:Tom Van Beek Electronic:tvanbeek -A-
Subject:RE: RE:RE: Travisty Date:Mon Jul 11 21:31:41 2011
Response to:16074

I have dealt will Travis for several years and always found him friendly, honest and fair. Many of us would not have NOS parts on our bikes if he had not bought out Harley dealership years ago. Elroy, if you put it in print you need to know the facts or just keep it to yourself.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Travis Scott for years and always found him to be honest and very fair! As said in the posting I am answering he has supplied many parts and bikes to all kinds of satisfied people. Generally speaking those who have bad things to say about others should not be on this website, I have had a couple take a cheap shot at me and best to consider who they are and that tells alot about the person! There are so many good people in the hummer family and there are always those who feel they have been slighted! My Hat is off to those like Travis Scott, Duane Taylor, Alan Lyons, Richard Duda, Stan Waite, and Jim's Harley in Mendon Ohio just to name a few of the creditable contributors to this hobby!