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"Generally speaking those who have bad things to say about others should not be on this website"

Ok, let's see here. It's alright to give credit, where credit is due, but on the other hand, it's not cool to give rebuke where rebuke is due?

Its fine to give someone good feedback when they do the right thing, but your supposed to keep your mouth shut when someone sticks it to ya? That's a liberal's view and I ain't no stinkin' liberal.

I bought 2 small wires off Travis on eBay. He knowingly charged me $6 to ship the 2 little wires (USPS Parcel Post)The envelope cost $2 to ship. I got screwed outta $4.
Is that honest? NOPE!!!!

I bought 2 crank pins from Jim's. The charged me $17 to ship them. They weighed 5 oz., including the padded envelope. First Class Mail cost $2.50.I got screwed outta $14.50. Is that straight out THEIVERY? You bet it is.

I bought a crank pin from Alan, He charged me $10 to ship it after charging me $50 for it to begin with.I got screwed outta $4.05 of my shipping dough.

Some folks get tired of getting screwed and blow the trumpet to warn others, then they get looked down on. That's a crock 'o crap.

If someone doesn't like a part I sell them, send it back.
I'll give ya a full refund. No questions asked. I am more than happy to email ya as many close up pictures as ya like, UPFRONT, to avoid that exact situation.

I get screwed on shipping things to folks sometimes. But when I quote someone a price, I stick to it. If I lose money, tough, I shouldn't have been lazy as to not package it up and run it to the PO or UPS and actually have it weighed and get an honest quote. If I am selling parts to make some dough, then that's part of the job, NOT A ADDED EXPENSE.

I don't whine about losing the few bucks,I just consider it to be a lesson learned at MY OWN EXPENSE.

What's this freakin' world coming to, when bad is good and good is bad. It makes me wanna puke.

It's much easier to just take your medicine when ya deserve it, and just like y'all's mammy told yall, "
don't whine about, just apologize and get over it"

Folks can blacklist me from buying from them off eBay (you know who ya are. hee hee) or something from their business, it don't matter to me, but I will continue to spill the beans.

I'd rather do without the part than to get ripped off over and over by folks that won't do the right thing no matter how many folks they cheat. That just makes it where I have to bite the bullet and manufacture the parts myself, but atleast I will have them in stock then.



I have dealt will Travis for several years and always found him friendly, honest and fair. Many of us would not have NOS parts on our bikes if he had not bought out Harley dealership years ago. Elroy, if you put it in print you need to know the facts or just keep it to yourself.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Travis Scott for years and always found him to be honest and very fair! As said in the posting I am answering he has supplied many parts and bikes to all kinds of satisfied people. Generally speaking those who have bad things to say about others should not be on this website, I have had a couple take a cheap shot at me and best to consider who they are and that tells alot about the person! There are so many good people in the hummer family and there are always those who feel they have been slighted! My Hat is off to those like Travis Scott, Duane Taylor, Alan Lyons, Richard Duda, Stan Waite, and Jim's Harley in Mendon Ohio just to name a few of the creditable contributors to this hobby!