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Subject:Lets get real about Hummer Parts! Date:Wed Jul 13 01:35:52 2011
Lets get REAL!

Would anyone in their right mind, really expect a Hummer vendor to ship 2, vital, and critical Harley Hummer internal engine components,(2 crankshaft pins for gods sake) in a paper envelope?

Would you really want these 2 critical engine parts bumping against each other, with no protection,no bubble wrap, no box, no insurance, hundreds or thousands of miles through the U.S.P.S. postal system?

Have you ever witnessed what a automated mailing machine system can do to paper envelope with bulky parts inside!

Have you ever expected your Harley Hummer parts to arrive undamaged?

Have you ever wished your shipment was insured?

Do you expect your order to ship in a timely fashion?

Have you ever been in a hurry to receive the items that you have ordered, and wish you had a tracking number?

Since when are boxes, bubble bags, sealing tape, shipping popcorn, bubble wrap, labels, printer ink, telephone conversations, and gasoline FREE ?

I hang my head low, when I hear of this 1 person (MUTT) , bad-mouthing so many other fellow Harley Hummer enthusiasts.

Its very unusual that this 1 person (MUTT) has had so many issues with almost everybody he deals with.

Why badger someone who provides top notch, excellent, quality, and supreme Harley Davidson Hummer motorcycle restoration parts?

These people have done so much for the Harley Hummer community!

Contacting the BBB for a $4 claim against numerous fellow Hummer enthusiasts is absurd to say the least.

REALLY! $4? Come on! Get real and get over it!

I say "Shame on YOU" for such negativity.

This used to be a positive, fun, and informative web site.