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Subject:RE: Lets get real about Hummer Parts! Date:Wed Jul 13 10:01:12 2011
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Quit whining Alan. You don't hear me bad mouth anyone except those that deserve it. Act like a idiot, get treated like one. Remeber when ya used a "fake name and email address" to post a message here, whining about a head I had on eBay AND GOT CAUGHT RED-HANDED (you forgot that your IP address can be traced by just about anyone with common sense). I only have issues with THEIVES. If the shoe fits, wear it. I ain't backing down to you or anyone else Alan. I stand for what is right,
Crank pins are hardened and they were shipped in a small paddd envelope. (padded envelopes have small bubble wrap inside). That's why they are called "padded". the Post Office diverts packages that aren't paper only and they don't get banged by a stamping machine.
When your business is buying and selling parts, you get MANY padded envelopes, bubble wrap ,boxes and such for FREE (when ya buy parts off eBay or from other people, they send it that way. I know, cause I got a pile of all of it. Don't use it for an excuse to charge more money. We all thought that you charged EXTREMELY HIGH PRICES for your parts, so that all this stuff was included with the price, not tacked on again with the shipping and handling.

Printing ink and labels? Dude, have ya ever heard of a freakin' PEN. You can write til your blue in the face and still not run outa ink and you have pens laying all over the place. You have a telephone, because you want one. I have had free ATT long distance service for over 12 years ($50 a month) Anyone can get it. You have a phone then and you have to have it for yourself, why charge the customer?
Buying and seeling is your business. Gasoline is part of that. I have a machine shop.I have to buy all kinda stuff, cause I need it for my work. Ya just got to get over it and not try to make a million dollars off hummer parts. You wanna make millions? Get a job as a politician.You sure try to b.s. like one of them !!!

"Why badger someone who provides top notch, excellent, quality, and supreme Harley Davidson Hummer motorcycle restoration parts?"

No, what ya really mean is "bend over to these people and let them take advantage over ya, cause they got the parts & you don't"

You don't read very good do ya Alan? It wasn't a $4 claim, it was a $14.50 claim. That's a couple of hours labor here in Texas. You got big bucks there fella, why not just send me $14.50 Oh, and we don't do "sensitivity Training " down here in Texas.
The website is still exactly what it was designed for.But don't ya think that if people come here and find vendors that are more than happy to help folks empty their pockets of their hard earned dough in crappy economic times we got right now, that they will get fed up and find another hobby? I do.........

Lets get REAL!

Would anyone in their right mind, really expect a Hummer vendor to ship 2, vital, and critical Harley Hummer internal engine components,(2 crankshaft pins for gods sake) in a paper envelope?

Would you really want these 2 critical engine parts bumping against each other, with no protection,no bubble wrap, no box, no insurance, hundreds or thousands of miles through the U.S.P.S. postal system?

Have you ever witnessed what a automated mailing machine system can do to paper envelope with bulky parts inside!

Have you ever expected your Harley Hummer parts to arrive undamaged?

Have you ever wished your shipment was insured?

Do you expect your order to ship in a timely fashion?

Have you ever been in a hurry to receive the items that you have ordered, and wish you had a tracking number?

Since when are boxes, bubble bags, sealing tape, shipping popcorn, bubble wrap, labels, printer ink, telephone conversations, and gasoline FREE ?

I hang my head low, when I hear of this 1 person (MUTT) , bad-mouthing so many other fellow Harley Hummer enthusiasts.

Its very unusual that this 1 person (MUTT) has had so many issues with almost everybody he deals with.

Why badger someone who provides top notch, excellent, quality, and supreme Harley Davidson Hummer motorcycle restoration parts?

These people have done so much for the Harley Hummer community!

Contacting the BBB for a $4 claim against numerous fellow Hummer enthusiasts is absurd to say the least.

REALLY! $4? Come on! Get real and get over it!

I say "Shame on YOU" for such negativity.

This used to be a positive, fun, and informative web site.