Subject:RE: Gas/Oil Mix Date:Thu Jul 14 15:41:03 2011
Response to:16100
original ratio was 5 ounces of 40 weight motor oil per gallon (1 part oil to 25 parts gas), so a 2 gallon can would get 10 oz. The Modern 2-stroke oil is a little "oilier" than standard motor oil, and modern 2-stroke stuff like a weed eater runs just fine on a 40 to 1 mix. Go with the original ratio, it smokes a little bit until the engine warms up good, but it will always get enough oil and you won't have to worry about it. Mike


Help the rookie please. If I have a 2 gallon gas can I want to use to fill up the motorcycle, how much two-cycle oil do I add to the gas can? Thanks