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Subject:RE: 1960 Super 10 Date:Sun Jul 24 23:46:50 2011
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I'm sure all here would like to see you post some pictures.

FYI: Was at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee last week and thought I should lookup some info. of my bike that I have had for over 40 years.

Found your website and the production numbers... mine is 60BT2354. The bike is all original but does have the key switch option and decal pinstrips were added to the front and rear fenders. The bike has never been restored other than the speed-o-meter. Really doesn't need any other restoration. The bike was purchased by my uncle in 1961 from the HD shop in Austin MN and given to my brother. He got married early and needed cash so he sold the gift back to my uncle for $200 in circa 1965. I bought the bike from my uncle in I think 1968 for $190. It had not been driven much at all by my uncle but the pigeons in the equipment shed had done a number on it, but managed to detail clean-up the old machine... The brother had broken the speed-o-meter by driving through a chuck-hole... but the odometer still worked fine.

I had the whole speed-o-meter professionally restored w/ the mileage reset to the actual miles in circa 1990. The tail light cover was replaced as well as the kick lever in circa 1968. The bike is in mint condition which I think is remarkable considering that it really hasn't be restored, just kept clean.