From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: 56 humers Date:Sun Aug 7 20:29:39 2011
Response to:16175
I cannot help on the value determination.

In this pic of motors & parts shows 2 Aermacchi (likely) motors among the hummers the motor along the bottom with its head on and motor-mount in the head is probably a 100cc (check the serial #). The 1/2 case with a single motor mount at the back is probably of similar vintage. Also the complete engine in the middle of the pole appears to have horizontal fins on the front of the case is one of the characteristics of the Aremacchi

I have a chance of buying 3 humers all in rat shape but all there in boxes, one motor is brand new as in just rebuilt. The man wants 4,000 dollars is it worth it?