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Subject:RE: RE: color of Bob Warder's '55/165 Date:Thu Aug 11 11:22:52 2011
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I was reminded once by a paint technition (a long time auto painter) that sunlight isn't the only thing that changes the colors of paint.

Your frame tunnel may have been changed by the gas emitions from the hay stored in the barn. or the diesel fumes that saturated the little closed room, possibly the original paint had an instability that caused the brake-down of the color with just time, we'll probably never know.

Just say'n don't expect the color of the tunnel to be -EXACTLY- like the new color.



Check out How-To-Restore chapter 29 (down at the bottom) and chapter 60.

The colors offered for the 1956 Model 165 were Atomic Blue, Champion Yellow, Pepper Red, Tangerine.


I have a '56 165. The tank that came with the bike has it's original paint on the bottom and in the tunnel. It is sort of a melon color-- looks alot like the color of Bob Warden's '55. If anyone has Bob's email or if he reads this please contact me. I am trying to find out the color. Thanks for the help.