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Subject:RE: 2005 Davenport - the 50th Anniversary Celebration Date:Sun Sep 4 01:42:51 2011
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Great job, THANKS

2005 was the 50th Anniversary of the Hummer

We had a big celebration in Davenport, which included a display of every year and model of the Hummer thanks to Jim Godwin of Jim's Harley-Davidson in Mendon, Ohio.

We got noticed.

A professional film crew interviewed Dean Hummer and Jim Godwin, and it was shown on TV - in Corbin's Ride-On on the Speed Channel.

The Secretary of Transportation of the United States wrote us a congratulatory letter.

Finally, in early 2011, we received permission from the video production company to use the video on our website.

The original video had Hummer and non-Hummer segments, and it took me quite some time to learn how to use the pro-quality software Adobe Premiere to edit the video and remove the non-Hummer segments.

It's Davenport weekend - six years later - so I guess it's time to share the 50th Anniversary of the Hummer.

Go to the "Hummer Club" section of the website, and look under "Historic Photos". Then click your mouse on "2005-Davenport".

Dave Hennessey