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Subject:RE: Davenport swap meet and Hummer Race: Date:Tue Sep 6 08:05:18 2011
Response to:16285
Alan thanks for the Davenport Update. Family issues kept us home this year.

Good luck with your new to you, Davenport find.
You can try the Power Washer to get off the old cover-up paint to reveal the Old Coral underneath. But the Coral Paint may come off too, if too strong?

We tried a new to us Trick on our Indian Scout. It had many coats of different paint, but the top-coat was just a Rattle Can Black. If your's is the same this Trick worked great.

Go and Buy a few cans of the cheap No-Name Spray-On Oven Cleaner.
Spray the Oven Cleaner lightly on a White Towel and begin the love rubs. Lightly rubbing one area at a time, the old paint starts coming off onto the white towel.
Keep changing the towel and lightly spray and wipe, spray and wipe.
Stop when you get to the paint level/color you want.
Wash, Clean and Wax.
Don't spray the 0ven cleaner directly on the metal, as it seems too strong. Just spray the towel lightly and rub, rub, rub.
Really worked great, getting down to the Original Indian Red under many paint layers.

We heard about this Trick working from a trusted OldTimer, and was waiting to give it a try... IT WORKED.

Good Luck