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Subject:RE: RE: newly acquired pacer. Date:Sun Sep 18 09:20:25 2011
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I had planned on tearing it down and painting it. The frame particularly could use it. After having a number of older Harley guys ooh and ah over it though and tell me leave it alone, i'm unsure what to do? What's your opinion?

Thanks for your response. Oren.


Your Pacer looks like it's all original. Nice original - and good running - bikes are getting harder to find every day.


I drove 1550 miles to Louisville Kentucky from Cortez Colo for this sweet little survivor, showing 1180 miles. The owner Dudley Bottoms is a really straight up man and it is just as he described, and a really sweet runner. My last hummer was a 49 in 1959, and very slow by comparison. I've had lots of Harleys in between, but have already enjoyed this one more than all the tweeners combined.