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Subject:RE: RE: RE: foot peg installation Date:Mon Sep 19 22:22:19 2011
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I'm getting a kick out of this attention to detail. Too bad we're not discussing Indian throttle/distributor grips. My original owner unrestored 1946 Chief had rotted grips on it. I found a set of grips (old, old rubber) that had 'Indian' embossed on them and they were correctly printed for the side of the bike they were on. Comparing them to all the other original and unrestored bikes of that era mine are the oddity....and caused a Judges Discussion at an AMCA Meet. Did I mention I took them off a set of used military bars? Speaking from years in the manufacturing industry I can tell you that once a product gets to the assembly line 'number of units' counts for more than company policy. Were the HD footpeg assemblers told to index them a certain way....probably.....did they care after the first hundred or so? Who knows. I would like to think they did. Don't stop the research.....I'm an historian and I love details. Thanks Jerry.

Oops! I didn't see this response before my second e-mail. So I agree that some or all of the foot pegs were installed as you say, based on your barn-fresh bike and a coupld of Pohlman prints.

Thanks Mike!

Went out and looked at my "barn fresh" unrestored '58 ST, the footpeg rubbers are installed exactly as Robbie said, looking at the end of the right peg the "Harley-Davidson" is at about 10 o'clock postion and yes, it is upside down and backwards. the left peg is at about 2 o'clock and reads correctly. Both the rubbers are stuck tight and don't appear to have been moved for a LONG time. So I would guess that at least some of the folding peg rubbers were installed with the wording to the rear and in-line with the notch. My guess is that they were installed this way to prevent quick wearing of the Harley-Davidson script, if they were installed in the straight up position your foot would quickly wear the words away.

OK, how about the script on the handgrips?

For a 1953 Model 165 (and possibly other years/models), what is the correct foot peg orientation? Should "Harley-Davidson" be on the top, bottom, trailing edge, or leading edge of the peg? I've looked at my original Pohlman prints for 125, 165, and Model K foot pegs. The "K" seems to have "Harley-Davidson" on the trailing (rear) part of the peg (rider's manual view with camera looking straight down at the bike). Several end-views of other foot pegs show the mold-line offset 45 degrees from the vertical. None of my 3/4 front views (two-strokes and "K") display "Harley-Davidson" to the viewer. Unfortunately I have no 3/4 rear views of the two-strokes or the "K." All of this suggests that looking from the right side "Harley-Davidson" would be at the nine or ten o'clock orientation (rear of peg). Likewise, this suggests that looking from the left side "Harley-Davidson would be at the three or two o'clock position (rear of peg). So, how about it? Are there any barn fresh "Hummers" that yield an answer? Or is this one of those "fielder's choice" matters that varied on the assembly line?