From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: Jefferson Pa. AMCA Meet #2 picture Date:Sat Oct 8 10:18:09 2011
Response to:16420

Kind of wet and cold for me,was glad to get back to Florida.
Thursday and Friday was tee shirt weather but muddy and lower vendor spots underwater.Ron Zwick &Bob Warder pulled in Thursday morning~~~and the party started,,this year we had a spot on hi-ground so we were hi & dry.Saw old friends and meet new ones.Joe and I spent the whole day Friday with Arny Cummings,a serious collector and Hummer Club Member.Brother Dave was there but on a ride when this picture was taken, the next picture is Dave and Bob talking about a kit to put a swingarm on your hardtail frame~~only bad thing was you had to cut the chainguard in half or it hits the shock.
Sat. was a total wash out,by 9am the field was half empty and the tractor was pulling out the motorhomes with loaded trailors.It was "GREAT",remember we are on the hill watching all this. You have to take the good and the bad with these meets ~~The worst meet I ever went to was "WONDERFULL"