From:Ronny Electronic:ronnybatconsolidateddotnet
Subject:RE: Can an old battery be brought back to life? Date:Sun Oct 9 19:40:00 2011
Response to:16431
Assuming this battery is dead -other comments are welcomed- where can I get a replacement 6v battery?
It would be great to be able to start it up for folks at the upcoming car show (Oct 22).

This is the one that it had after Mutt restored it about six years ago. After sitting on a 6v battery tender for about a year, it was dead. When we got it started the other day off a big battery charger, we moved it to the garage door and continued. During the move, someone turned off the power strip that the charger had been running off, but the headlight lit for a few seconds before the battery died. There's life in it!!!
I removed the it a few minutes ago. No water, as expected. Before doing anything, it measured 1.6v. After putting distilled water in it, I got 1.5v. It's on the 1.5A 6v battery tender now.
Can this battery be brought back to life, or should I start looking for a new replacement?