From:Ronny Electronic:ronnybatconsolidateddotnet
Subject:Need a new battery...where and which one? Date:Tue Oct 11 20:31:50 2011
I'm going to put off reviving this old battery for now.
The show is in less than two weeks and I want to be able to let folks hear it run.
I've never seen a 6v motorcycle battery for sale anywhere, so I need your help finding one. Willing to travel to Houston this weekend to get one, if needed, but I work on Bryan/College Station,TX. Most all of the 'major' parts chains are there. Can yall give me a brand name and model number of one I can get?
If rejuvenating this battery is possible, it will have to wait until later. For now, I'd like to have the bike shown as a running vehicle instead of having to make excuses for it.
Never entered anything in a show before, but I've been to a lot. It would be disappointing if something as neat as a '52 Hummer couldn't be started up so I could just hear it run.
Thanks to all of you.