From:Ronny Electronic:ronnyatconsolidateddotnet
Subject:RE: '51 restoration Date:Tue Oct 11 20:49:14 2011
Response to:16439
Congratulations, Tom!
Mutt just keeps on creating excellence in his little shop. He restored my 52, and it's just incredible what he can do. Mine was just a collection of parts in boxes when I gave it to him. I still have a big folder with all the correspondence and pictures he sent me during the restoration.
If I had Dad's old '48 Panhead, he would have been given it to restore years ago. (He had to sell it before she would marry him)
It's so cool to have someone less than two hours away from me in Madisonville, TX that does work worthy of the best shows anywhere. Another reason to love my little bike! If he was somewhere up north, I never would have met him in the first place.