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Subject:RE: RE: missing gas cap and cup Date:Sun Oct 16 12:26:14 2011
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Ray /Doug/et al:
The early gas caps/cups were held together by a screw & nut for reasons unknown to me. I do not know when the change to a fixed, one piece combo occurred but judging from the observed scarcity of the first type, I think it was used for 1-3 years?? I would bet the change to one piece occurred for supplier change or efficiency reasons.

Re the seal. You do not have to disassemble to change a seal which can be done in about 30 seconds if you are fumble fingered and less if nimbleness is your nature.

For purists, there were two different cups as well. Since I reproduce parts, I collect all this rusty stuff so I can copy it correctly. Your original gas cap/cup can be refinished if you wish but the cost is equal to a new one.

Duane Taylor

Ray, the easy answer is they are one piece. (more later)

The early ones were a bolt together assembly but never needed un-bolting except if the cap seal needed renewing (I've only heard of this option). the later were riveted together and could not easily be repaired on the rare occasion the seal needed replacement. In use they are both one piece there exist only rumors of taking them apart (for most of us). Doug

Was wondering if the gas cap and measuring cup were 1 piece or 2 separate pieces. Thanks