From:Chris Sickels Electronic:Chris -A-
Subject:RE: PACER MAKES CYCLE WORLD MAGAZINE ! Date:Sat Nov 5 22:32:01 2011
Response to:16530
John, thanks for the mention. I'll have to pick up a copy of the issue. My
neighbor gave me heck for not cleaning the bike before the concours, turns
out seeing it in its dusty glory was something kinda different. Riding with so
many old bikes, was quite a trip. Something that should be done more
Also, thanks to Mutt, Duane, Richard, Alan, Gene, Doug, Jerry, Brent, Dave
and everyone on the site, for all the advice, parts, service and
encouragement over the past few years with this joy of a machine.


Congratulations to Chris Sickels and his 65 Pacer. Chris and his pacer won
the " American Classic Class " at the Rolling Concours at the Indy Moto GP
this year. For the write up and photo check out December's Cycle World
page 58.