From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: Hummer Paint Date:Thu Nov 17 23:17:46 2011
Response to:16557

I knew that Lenny was getting out of the paint business, but I didn't know he was getting out of the motorcycle business altogether.

Antique Cycle Supply provided the Club with all the paint chips for free - many years ago. We're very grateful to them for this restoration help.

Who sells paint for old Harleys now? Hey, everybody, fill us in with the straight dope on this subject


does anyone know a contact for getting vintage paint? Wanting to get some "Sun Gold" mixed. I tried to contact the Antique Cycle Supply" listed on this site, but it appears they're no longer in business...
Any help is appriciated... in the middle of a restore! pretty excited.