From:Dr. Pepper
Subject:RE: EUSTIS 2012 (tell your friends) Date:Tue Nov 22 13:05:07 2011
Response to:16279

Eustis 2012


Dear A.M.C.A. Member,

The Sunshine Chapter will be moving from the Eustis Fairground to the Silver Sands Saddle Bridle Club for our March 2012 national meet.

There have been a lot of questions raised since our initial release of the information pertaining to the move. The following are the responses that relate to the apprehensions that have been raised in the recent weeks.

Volusia County Vendors Fees: The AMCA is a 501C7 not for profit organization and the Sunshine Chapter of the AMCA is a subsidiary of that group. All members that purchase a booth at the event to trade – buy – sell antique motorcycle parts, bikes and services for antique bikes must be members of the parent group (AMCA). With that said the bottom line is: ONE EVENT FEE CHARGED TO THE SUNSHINE CHAPTER FOR AN OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT PERMIT. NO additional fees for members in good standing with the AMCA. Please bring your CURRENT national membership card or insure that you are on the current register, to the event and present it at time of registration.

The Silver Sands Bridle Club Facility:

Agriculture facility: This complex is zoned as agricultural and operates under different rules and regulations than the commercial concerns (i.e. flea markets and camp grounds)

Dirt/sand roads: The roads at the facility are crushed shell that provides a nice firm surface with ample drainage.

Covered arena: There is ¾ acre of covered arena with a clay floor. This floor will be graded smooth, watered and compacted prior to the Sunshine event. In addition there is another ¼ acre under the same roof with concrete floors, restrooms and office space. There is also a large meeting room upstairs that can be used for the National Board meeting.

Flooding: This facility has drainage swales throughout the complex that all drain to an onsite retention pond in the back. Does anyone remember Eustis in 2010, the entire North end of the field was under water? And when it rains in Eustis the parking lot turns to mud as there is no pavement in the general parking lot.

Security: One gate – totally fenced – manned at night! Enough said!

Lavatories: The new complex offers nice fresh bath rooms with showers for our members. Also as in years past (as in the past) the Sunshine Chapter will rent and provide port – a –potties and wash stations at strategic locations.

Volusia / Florida Sales Tax: All participating members will be provided a Volusia / Florida Sales Tax form upon their entry to the event (as in the past). The state does NOT have the manpower to have representatives on site (as in the past). All members are responsible to fill out their own taxable sales report (as in the past).

Volusia County and Florida State Theft teams: Yes these Theft Teams exist and yes they are more active during “Bike Week” in Volusia County. These “Teams” for the most part work in downtown Daytona and concentrate on late model machines. We should all welcome these teams for the added security that it affords our members and their bikes. As we are all aware most of all of the “basket antique machines” do not have paper work and you should be prepared to defend your ownership of any merchandise that you offer.

Titles, Registrations and Bills of Sale: Proper paper work insures legal transactions no matter what day of the week and where the bike is from (as in the past).

National Club membership: The Sunshine Chapter’s intent is to expose new people to our love of antique motorcycles. We must embrace all motorcycles NO matter where their place of origin is.

Fuel Costs: The cost of fuel is up for everyone. Bottom line the new location is 46.54 miles east of Eustis.

Access to Silver Sands Facility: To help speed entry to the facility we have the following planned.

· Member set up can start at noon on Wednesday March 7, 2012.

· Check in point will be well inside the complex to keep traffic off the road.

· A layout map will be provided with your member package.

Motels and restaurants: The Sunshine Chapter is currently working with local area vendors to offer discounted rooms and service to all current members of the AMCA. A list of these establishments will be made available by mid October.

We will be in Davenport with a full booth layout of the facility to offer pre-registration for the booths.


Joseph Gimpel Jr. - President

Carl N. Sorenson – Vice President

JoAnn Kreller - Treasurer

Ann Martin – Secretary

John Duss - Trustee