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Subject:RE: Buddy Seat Brackets 4Sale Date:Wed Nov 23 00:41:54 2011
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if you still have them i will buy at your price, hopefully under 25 dollars. Please let me know, Gaylord in Maine. I am restoring a 1956 165 hummer that I rode to Alaska in 1956, 5200 miles!!! some ride. I have three hummers and enough for one good bike. I have a like new buddy seat and need the brackets. Many thanks for your help. gaylord
Anyone want to install a Buddy Seat on your Lightweight?
I do because I'm a big guy 6'4", and like riding better on the Buddy Seat. And I have the original Buddy Foot Pegs on the bike.

So awhile ago I got these Original NOS Support Brackets.
52537-59 Right Support Bracket.
52536-59 Left Support Bracket.

Now that I'm putting my Scat back together, I see the Brackets will not fit the swing-arm frame. Duh...

Anyone with a 1952 to 1962 ST, B, BT, BTH, BTU, or BTF
that wants to run with a Buddy Seat needs these Brackets.

First reasonable Offer gets them.
Davenport is too far off.
They are OEM NOS, never mounted. Polish and Go.

Please email direct.