From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: RE: another winter project Date:Sun Nov 27 12:34:19 2011
Response to:16576
There's one (a Bobcat) posted on Craigslist claiming 45 miles from Portland (Oregon). Search with 97201 as your zipcode location. It has the high pipe, single seat & pad on the luggage rack. The owner beleives the value between $2800 & 3500 & wants a trade more than cash but says cash would work -shipping not mentioned- I'm not related to nor have I seen the bike.

just got this today; kinda rusty but most of the parts are there. engine has compression, carb is there, horn lamps wires. gonna clean the carb and tank and see if it fires up. time to hit the parts link!
hello, like to know more about the bobcat.where it is and how much thanks