From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A- toyhouse,.org
Subject:RE: would like to contact Perry Ruiter re: '54 Spring Color Spec Date:Sun Dec 11 01:31:49 2011
Response to:16638

We've never actually seen a Hummer with this paint scheme. Next time you visit your friend, could you snap some pictures of his bike so we'll have an idea of what this scheme looks like?


Perry Ruiter #441 posted a HD letter to dealers in your "How To Restore" section, chapter 22. That HD letter mentions "Spring Color Specials" for 1954 models.

I would like to contact Perry to learn more about the letter and anything else he may know about these models. I have a '54FL which falls in the period after that letter, and I know a gent in California with an original paint '54FL which has the black/ivory spring color scheme mentioned in Mr. Ruiter's literature.

Would somebody please kindly ask Perry to contact me via email at, or by phone at (248) 703-0662.

Thank you,

Bob Farr
West Bloomfield, MI