From:Robert Farr Electronic:robertfarr68 -A-
Subject:RE: RE: would like to contact Perry Ruiter re: '54 Spring Color Spec Date:Sun Dec 11 09:57:17 2011
Response to:16639
Perry & Dave,

Thanks for responding. Here is a link to a detailed series of pictures of Todd's '54FL with the black/ivory "Spring Color Special" paint job mentioned in Perry's literature:

I've also attached a picture of the only other original paint bike that I've seen with this paint scheme.


Hi Bob - I simply saved that scan from an eBay auction.
Looks like about two years ago based on the date of the file
on my harddrive. I have no history of that letter or other
information on 54 colours. If you have any other questions
feel free to contact me ... Perry

Perry Ruiter #441 posted a HD letter to dealers in your "How
To Restore" section, chapter 22. That HD letter mentions
"Spring Color Specials" for 1954 models.

I would like to contact Perry to learn more about the letter
and anything else he may know about these models. I have a
'54FL which falls in the period after that letter, and I
know a gent in California with an original paint '54FL which
has the black/ivory spring color scheme mentioned in Mr.
Ruiter's literature.

Would somebody please kindly ask Perry to contact me via
email at, or by phone at (248) 703-

Thank you,

Bob Farr
West Bloomfield, MI