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Subject:RE: RE: RE: would like to contact Perry Ruiter re: '54 Spring Color Spec Date:Sun Dec 11 19:05:40 2011
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How To Restore Chapter 22 now has a magazine ad showing the tank of a 1954 Spring Special. The tank in the ad is probably a KH, but the Hummer tank is almost the same.

Thanks to Bob Farr for digging up this wonderful old ad.

And here's his buddy Todd showing off his 1954 Spring Special Panhead


Perry & Dave,

Thanks for responding. Here is a link to a detailed series of pictures of Todd's '54FL with the black/ivory "Spring Color Special" paint job mentioned in Perry's literature:

I've also attached a picture of the only other original paint bike that I've seen with this paint scheme.


Hi Bob - I simply saved that scan from an eBay auction.
Looks like about two years ago based on the date of the file
on my harddrive. I have no history of that letter or other
information on 54 colours. If you have any other questions
feel free to contact me ... Perry

Perry Ruiter #441 posted a HD letter to dealers in your "How
To Restore" section, chapter 22. That HD letter mentions
"Spring Color Specials" for 1954 models.

I would like to contact Perry to learn more about the letter
and anything else he may know about these models. I have a
'54FL which falls in the period after that letter, and I
know a gent in California with an original paint '54FL which
has the black/ivory spring color scheme mentioned in Mr.
Ruiter's literature.

Would somebody please kindly ask Perry to contact me via
email at, or by phone at (248) 703-

Thank you,

Bob Farr
West Bloomfield, MI