Subject:RE: Gas Milage Date:Sun Dec 18 09:22:31 2011
Response to:16657
I'll bet that was quite a trip, I'd like to read the story. Your bike looks like a '58, I have 2 of them. I would guess that on the "open road", running with the throttle wide open most of the time, pushing that windshield into the wind and hauling a pair of full saddle bags you may have averaged 50 mpg. So, for a 3500 mile trip you would have used about 70 gallons of gas and roughly 10 quarts of oil. Gas at 28 cents a gallon, oil at about 35 cents a quart, you spent roughly $24 on fuel to go the distance. Not bad! Let's see what some of the other guys say.

When I was 21 (1961)I rode a 165cc Harley 3500 miles from Cincinnati to Las Vegas and then to Seattle. I am writing about that in my memoirs and was trying to figure out how much gas I burned. Gas was 0.28 at the time. What milage does a 165 Harley get on the road? What is the gas tank size? Thanks, I was glad to find this site. Fun stuff.