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What would be the best way to send the story. It is a few pages. -- Jim

Jim - send us the story for the Members page.


yep, the little peanut tanks only held 1.75 gallons, and that INCLUDED the 1 quart reserve. So, with a little luck, you could probably safely go about 75 miles between fill ups. But, like the badger said, that would be in a perfect world.

When I was 21 (1961)I rode a 165cc Harley 3500 miles from Cincinnati to Las Vegas and then to Seattle. I am writing about that in my memoirs and was trying to figure out how much gas I burned. Gas was 0.28 at the time. What milage does a 165 Harley get on the road? What is the gas tank size? Thanks, I was glad to find this site. Fun stuff.