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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: oil can holder Date:Mon Dec 19 22:24:50 2011
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Now I'm confused. I thought the early (1949-1955 parts book) oil cans fit in the holder, but now I'm not sure. Who's got a holder? Which can does it fit?


To my knowledge, there were 5 different oil cans during the Hummer years. 1967 and later, there were a number of two-cycle orange-white pints and quarts. There was also a Golf-Car cone-top can. Maybe more.

I cut the oil cans out of the previous picture, and listed what year parts books they appear on the back cover. There was no 1956 Parts Catalog, and 1958, 59, 61-62, and 64-65 were supplements, with nothing on the back cover.

The only can I have is the 1957 style. It's about 2.65" diameter and about 3.20" tall. I think the one I've labelled "late 1950's" is the same size.