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Subject:RE: RE: CADMIUM PLATING Date:Thu Dec 22 16:47:02 2011
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Long time ago, I used International Plating in Rhode Island. Good work but quite expensive. I have also used Cascade Plating in Ohio, good work, reasonable and quick. Lately, I have used TDF in Danvers, MA. Very good work, quick, reasonably priced. Minimum charge was around $275 but I had around 100 pounds of stuff done for that. It's getting harder up here in the Northeast to find someone to do cadmium. No one does it in Maine anymore. Too many regulations and too dangerous. jim

Mutt? Jim? Everyone else?

Where do you get your parts cad plated?


Our friend Steve Ciccalone from Fitzwilliam NH had some Model A Ford Parts (CADMIUM) Plated for us the week before he died. We were very happy with the work however he was suppose to take an additional 11 parts back to get plated. We have all our parts but would like to locate who he used for a plater. None of the Model A community has a clue is there anyone out there with the answer?
Marcy Cella