From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: 1948 Hummer Date:Fri Dec 23 12:54:38 2011
Response to:16705

Factory documentation (see Chapter 60 in How To Restore) indicates the only color available in 1948 was Black.

If you post some good pictures of your bike here on the Exchange, a number of people will gladly critique it for you.

You can also take it to the AMCA show in New Smyrna Beach March 9-11 for authenticity judging.


I bought a '48 125 several years ago as unrestored original, ser#48s8194,it is azure blue with chrome rims&exhaust pipe, now everyone tells me that's all not correct for a '48. I had one exactly like it back in 1952 & I know it was all original. Any ideas? Is there anyone in central Florida that can appraise it? Thanks