From:Brent Electronic:cdf959 -A-
Subject:Waxing poetic Date:Sat Dec 24 22:29:43 2011
I've come to the conclusion that what makes our club special is we've shared stories about our youth and the adventures we had on these small bikes. Yes, we went on and accomplished great things but what started us on our life journey's was the universal fact we did it when we were too young to understand the dangers and did it anyway. It was our need to experience more than what life was offering at the time. No matter our persuasions this time of year we all have one thing in common.....we poured oil in the tank, turned the switch, stepped on the starter and rode forward. I wish everyone here very happy holidays and many more miles....thank you for validating my efforts and giving me the joy of seeing history through your eyes. Brent Dugan, webmonster