From:Tim Martin Electronic:timber1 -A-
Subject:Toy Story? Date:Mon Dec 26 12:37:40 2011
Like many of you, my motorcycle enthusiasm started years ago. Not sure if it was back in '63 or '64, but I know it was before my dad passed away, and that was early '65. Anyway, my cousin had a red, 1952 H-D 125 Hummer, and when we had a family gathering, us young kids would get a ride on it down to the end of the driveway and back. Of course I thought that was about the best thing that could happen for the day. I must have been around 10 or 11 and I do recall making the comment to my dad that I could reach the ground when sitting on it (that might have been about it too). Well, the interest staying in my brain and long about 1970, I saved up enough money to buy that Hummer from my cousin. I didn't care about anything else because now I had a motorcycle, a Harley, one of the neatest motorcycles I had ever been on. I didn't have a motorcycle license, so about the only place I could ride it was in the pasture or hay field or sneak down the county road once in a while. Well, I had been riding in the hay field and shift lever had gotten caught by some taller, thicker alfalfa, causing the bike to downshift quickly. I could only push it so far before something would bind up and I would have to back it up before I could push it any farther. I had no idea what might have happened, but I was sure it was not going to be a cheap fix. After some consideration, I put it out by the road for After a number of years, and a few other bikes, I purchased a 1958(B) Lightweight...oddly enough, pretty much the same color. Well, after a few years of possession, I sold it to my brother for some cash. A number of years later, he needed some cash and I was able to buy it back as a basket case (though a work in progress, but I still have it). Lately, I was able to acquire another 1958(ST) Lightweight. That too needs a few things done to it to make it road worthy. Just the look of them still gets the mind to wandering and appreciating things from the past. My 1952 went by way of Hillsboro, WI and was quickly turned around and ended up in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. I would love to get that one back into my possession, but I am certainly not going to hold my breath. Well, to make a long story longer, I have been totally awed by the knowledge of these lightweights here on the Hummer Exchange, as well as the photos. Though many like to see these restored to as close to original as possible, I work with a smaller, intermitent budget and just plan to hopefully get these to operational condition and to make them neat enough to get people's heads to turn. I need a few parts and such, but I hope to keep the lightweights as a part of my life. Still learning and hoping to learn more about these intriguing little motorcycles. It's nice to have a site where knowledge and history can be shared. It is unbelieveable to find out how widespread these lightweights are here in the USA. Well, thanks for reading and have a happy new year. And, should anyone hear of the whereabouts of my lost 1952 Hummer, it would really be nice to bring it back home. -Timber