From:Dave Hennessey Electronic:dave -A-
Subject:RE: 49 125 hummer Date:Tue Dec 27 12:16:07 2011
Response to:16724

The problems with assessing a basket case are (a) you don't know what condition the motor is in, and (b) it's hard to spot missing parts.

Look on eBay for prices of bikes that are in the condition you want this '49 to be in. (And take a look at our Stuff section - "eBay blessing or curse") Subtract what it's going to take to get it there. Then subtract for the unknowns.

Fortunately, Duane Taylor makes repros of many of the formerly hard-to-find parts (fenders, exhaust, saddle) for the 1948-1949 models.

Here's the process in reverse. eBay item 280794656987 is essentially a basket case. He wants $1299.99 for it.

No fenders ($500). Engine in little pieces ($500 probably more). Headlight ($250). Exhaust system ($250). Solo saddle ($300). Paint ($500). We're up to almost $3500 already. Add ignition switch, wiring harness, cables, plating, etc, etc, etc. And to top it off - NO TITLE.

what do you think is a reasonable (I know) price for a basket case 1949 125cc
hummer. i have found one, but the owner still thinks he is going to put it
together someday. He has been thinking this for a few years now. I am only
hoping i can buy it off of him for a fair price for both of us.