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Subject:RE: Les and Anna's 1948 Restoration Date:Fri Dec 30 21:30:04 2011
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Les/Anna, thanks for the kind words. We had a blast with y'all the whole 3 days y'all were here.
We really appreciate it when folks have time and are willing to be part of their own restoration !!!! Ya get to see exactly what is done and how everything is assembled and get to get your own hands dirty and learn some of the "tricks of the trade" others don't get to. I had fun getting to work on 4 of your bikes and had fun riding them too !!!
While you are reading this, take a pic of the bottom of your unrestored 48's horn with the original stamping and post it for us. Thanks

Les and Anna’s 1948 S 125

Almost a year ago today we began our Hummer Journey. What excitement as we found and purchased a 1948 Harley 125. We pulled her in to the sunroom and looked at her for 2 weeks trying to figure out what to do next, thank goodness we found the Harley Hummer Club website. With all the information provided and the resources available it didn’t take us long to figure out we needed help… to ensure success with our 1st restoration.

After much reading, we found Charles “Mutt” Hallam, in Wills Point, Texas and placed a call. Mutt said y’all bring that bike on out here and well work on it. And we did. Mutt gave us a long list of parts that were needed and he had a long list of parts to restore.

Once Mutt got everything restored Les and I headed to Texas to be a part of the restoration of our bike. Mutt I can’t thank you enough for all your expertise and willingness to let us be part of it all. Your work is excellent and we have learned so much. You and Bo worked patiently showing us the ins and outs of the final build. A special thanks to you both and to Dian for the late evenings.

Many thanks to the folks who assisted with parts, Taylor Classic Cycles – Thanks Duane and Two Stroker – Lee Lang and a special thanks to Steve Sellar for his awesome metal fabrication work and paint job. And for all our other Hummer friends that offered suggestions and help, Les and I thank you. Great meeting Dave, Brent, and Dr. Pepper along with other at the many swap meets we attended in 2011, we look forward to seeing you all in 2012.

Can’t say enough about the wonderful people we have met in the Hummer Club and we would highly recommend “Mutt” for all your restoration needs.

Les and Anna

Isn’t she a beauty… see before and after.