From:Doug Miller Electronic:radarsprint -A-
Subject:RE: Hummer for sale Date:Thu Jan 5 21:33:53 2012
Response to:16772
I see the add and cringe to even approach an answer:


Title is worth lots, engines $400, frames $100 each, Wheels $100each, tank $100to$300, handlebars (100) with controls $250, headlight $75 so about $3750 +title for easy estimate of value.

counts and value of each part differ based on personal judgement

But I don't want this many projects, do you?.

I'll suggest the parts to make 1 bike would be the value of any pile of parts unless you really want 3 bikes. (You may want to buy a whole junkyard to find a spare tire, your choice)

Oh ya, how much will you have to subtract for transporting the bikes to your shop? (all this is speculative no answer required).



I ran across this craigs list item (s) and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a good deal, or should I keep looking? Jim