From:Harry McGill Electronic:IB2Wheeler -A-
Subject:RE: Ignition condensor Date:Sat Jan 7 18:55:16 2012
Response to:16778

Any 6 volt condensor will do. The purpoes of the condensor is to surpress the arching at the contacts when they. When capicator action weakens a lower output voltage will be produced by the ignition coil, hence weak spark.


I admit it my stuff is not"correct" nor will it ever be, but that's not the post subject.
Ignition condenser- any body know the specs on the ones used for the 165/175 magneto bikes.
Reason is I have a poor starting 175 narrowed it down to the condenser. 6 volt 12 volt through some research there seems to be not a lot of difference other than size it appears that the deciding factor is its "microfarad" capacity. Why can I not yank my good condenser off my Joe Hunt Magneto in my Pan/Shovel and give it a whirl. Its a free standing magneto why would it not work. By any chance has anyone tried a higher Mf. capacity condenser? Am I off Base? Am I gonna blow up my magneto? Got any advice? anyone know where I can find the specs?

Thanks in advance